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Red Tigers Eye - Exclusive Silver Men's Stone Bracelet

Red Tigers Eye - Exclusive Silver Men's Stone Bracelet

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Product Specs
Bead Size 12MM
Stone Type Red Tigers Eye
Bracelet Size Custom Tailored To Your Wrist
Metal Type 925 Sterling Silver
Cord Type Custom Engineered High Resistance Rubber

Beautifully crafted with natural Red Tigers Eye beads, our bracelets are designed to look great while standing the test of time.

  • A bold look makes for one of the most unique mens bracelets around.
  • Each bracelet is custom sized to fit your wrist.
  • Artisanally crafted pure 925 Sterling Silver beads.
  • Designed to avoid tarnish and look great with normal wear and daily use.

This natural stone bracelet is made with premium 12mm natural gemstone beads. While most bracelets are 8mm in size, our stone bead bracelets are slightly larger to create a more prominent, yet vibrant look while still providing a masculine design for one of the best mens bracelets on the market.

We strive to make stylish mens bracelets that will last, so our pieces are made with a high quality engineered rubber/silicone mixture that is flexible, water resistant, durable, and thick. Each bracelet is sized perfectly to fit your specific wrist and can also slip on and off comfortably without any overstretching.

Our 925 Sterling Silver logo and accent beads are handmade by gifted artisans with over 20 years in the jewelry business.

  • Custom tailored fit

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Free worldwide shipping

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