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Your Guide to Picking Out Pipe Tobacco

Your Guide to Picking Out Pipe Tobacco

Although considered by many to be a relic of an older time, smoking a pipe can provide a man with an experience unlike any other. After all, what man doesn’t want to join the ranks of greats like C.S. Lewis, Mark Twain, and Frank Sinatra? It seems that many of the things that men used to enjoy on a daily basis have now gone the way of dodo birds and Model Ts.

The good news is that the team at The Stones enjoys the finer things in life. That might be apparent because of our interest in natural stone bracelets. Our beaded bracelets are elegant themselves and it’s with a similar level of intrigue that we’d like to turn our attention in today’s blog post to a very fine hobby indeed. We are speaking, of course, about the art of smoking a pipe.

Which Pipe Is Right For You?

First and foremost, you’ll need to find the right pipe. While some would advise you to buy the best pipe you can right out of the gate, our advice is to go with a classic. You may be able to picture it in your mind, and yes, we are speaking about the corn cob pipe. Inexpensive and available in a variety of styles, these are the perfect introduction to this manly hobby.

Which Pipe Tobacco Is Right For You?

This question is slightly tougher to answer. Our suggestion is to head to a nearby tobacconist if you have one. Asking a trained professional for advice will go a long way towards getting you started on the right foot.

Don’t have such a person in your neck of the words? Never to fear. There are a variety of different pipe tobaccos available and the good news is that there is something out there for absolutely everyone. No matter your tastes, you too can find something that you love with a bit of experimentation.

Types of Tobacco

Most tobaccos fall into the following categories: Virginia, Burley, Bright, Oriental, Perique, and Latakia. Many recommend Virginias and Burleys for newcomers, but if you are feeling bold, a Perique or Latakia will do the trick.

Take some time to look into each of these varieties and then narrow your search down based on what you find out. There’s sure to be something that sticks out to you.

Our recommendations for beginners include Cult’s Blood Red Moon, Daughters and Ryan’s Three Sails, and Dunhill’s Nightcap. There are many online tobacco stores to choose from as well and many of them offer sample packs so you can get to know different brands and types without making a large investment on something you won’t like.

At the end of the day, experimentation is key. Do some research, read reviews, ask for recommendations. The end result is a luxury experience like no other.

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