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How to Pick the Right Pocket Knife

How to Pick the Right Pocket Knife

At The Stones Jewelry we’re pretty big fans of accessories. Everything from our pocket notebooks to wallets to watches to, yes, our natural stone bracelets is something that is picked out with care. Many of us care about choosing items that will stand the test of time and we’re even the proud owners of items that have been passed down to us over time. Whether it’s the watch your grandpa wore in the military or your dad’s first wedding ring, these things hold a special place.

That’s why we strive to ensure that each of our mens beaded bracelets is the best of the best. We believe that they can be handed down through the family. It’s with that thought in mind that we’d like to offer a bit of advice about everyday carry items that have been chosen with care. In today’s post we’ll highlight a bit of advice about how to pick the best pocket knife for your needs as well as share a few recommendations. After all, every man should carry a pocket knife. Keep reading to learn more!

Which Pocket Knife is Right For You?

Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat. There are so many pocket knives out there that no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs. If you’re not a pocket knife aficionado, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Fortunately in this day and age it’s hard to go wrong with pretty much anything out there.

And hey, no one said you had to limit yourself to just one choice.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re choosing.


Do you want a knife that has more of a classic feel or something that’s a bit more tactical? Brown knives have a more heritage vibe to them and black knives are often more modern.


Will your pocket knife be going in your front pocket? Will you tuck it into a compartment of your backpack? Do you prefer that it clips to your belt? How big do you need the knife to be? These are all important things to take into consideration.


You should also think about how you’ll be using the pocket knife. Do you need something to open letters every day or will your pocket knife get a lot of wear and tear as you use it to open packages, tighten screws, and prop open doors?

Our Recommendations

At the end of the day, the choice is entirely up to you. With that in mind, we do have a few recommendations to consider.

Opinel #8 Folding Knife- It’s a classic. Enough said!

Buck Knives Folding Pocket Knife- The pocket knife that’s stood the test of time.

Kershaw Serrated- The best modern choice in affordable pocket knives.

Stone Bead Bracelets for Every Man

Like pocket knives, when it comes to our natural stone bracelets, there’s something for everyone! We offer a number of different unique styles at The Stones Jewelry and you’re sure to find something that works perfectly for you.

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