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Beauty and quality combine to make this the perfect gift from my wife. 

Judd Mercer

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  • Mr. Ambitious

    Dressed To Impress And In It To Win It.
  • Mr. Casual

    Confident To A T… In A Tee
  • Mr. Adventure

    Rough, Rugged And On The Go
  • Mr. Does it come in Black

    Monochrome. Street. Sleek
Building A
Lasting Legacy With Ancient Stones

We spend over 40 hours handcrafting each bracelet to perfection. With seamless integration of natural materials, precious metals and rare gemstones, each bracelet becomes a one of a kind work of art. Made to honor your greatest accomplishments and built to withstand them.

All of our stones have a deep and rich history, some dating back millions of years ago. Sourced directly from the earth without any chemical enhancements, these rare pieces are imbued by the personality of their owners, and become a part of their living legacy.

Nothing feels better than a custom tailored fit. We believe that every modern man should have his own personal style complemented by superior craftsmanship and unique artistry. Live life on your own terms, elevate your personal style, embrace the man inside.

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